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Taking care of a legal matter is a daunting task to deal with alone. Whether you're facing criminal charges or trying to settle a family dispute, you can trust David Tyler Law Firm to protect your best interests. Attorney Tyler has experience serving a variety of clients in the Grand Junction, CO area. No matter what your legal situation is, you can trust him to support you every step of the way.

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You can make your legal challenges less intimidating by working with attorney Tyler. His focuses include...

  • Personal injury - car accidents | ski accidents | slip-and-fall accidents
  • Criminal law - divorce | paternity | child custody
  • Family law - felonies | misdemeanors | traffic violations
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Since graduating from Drake University Law School in 1973, attorney Tyler has been helping clients work through a wide range of legal matters. He has a passion for helping others that guides him in his relentless pursuit of positive results for his clients.

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